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August 26, 2010
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I guess I cheated, enhancing the space of the map... anyway here are the comments:

Early Influences (79-85)

As a kid, I watched pretty much every TV program: Captain Harlock, Captain Future and Ulysse(s) 31 are the most important ones because of the Space Opera genre I got fond of then.
The same for the Star Trek Original Series and (first) Motion Picture, because of the very specific to Star Trek way to describe an Utopian future, Alien encounters, etc... The original Twilight Zone series was broadcasted too, I never missed one !
At this time, I also read comic books but never got into so much, Asterix and the Smurfs weren't Sci-Fi enough, I guess ! =3

The opening of Harlock SSX became a way of life for me since then. (If you think it doesn't make sense, watch this: [link] ... only the 20 first seconds have changed my perception of reality forever !)

Pre-Teen Influences (85-89)

Still watching TV and now VHS (the Magic Box was the Nanny for lots of children in my generation):
Cobra was so violent and full of half-naked babes, it just fascinated the 11 years old boy I was.
I'm also fond of Lupin the 3rd (because of Fujiko Mine, mostly... what a kid-mind-troubling anatomy !) ...
"Sex" was there, in anime, that was great !
Macross came out when I was 13: Mecha dogfights, excellent Zentradi designs and a pretty good story for Macross are unforgetable (as much as Minmay's J-pop songs are unforgiven ^^)... That was the Robotech series of course, but I never liked de 2nd and 3rd parts (Southern Cross was the worst part, as long as the mecha design for Mospeada were excellent... too bad Mospeada was so cheap and dull !)
... the Son Goku childhood period in Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya are hits at this time and I was a big fan too. Panties and Kameha for one, Magic armors for the other... Yay !
I realised that there are similarities in the way some shows I root for are drawn and animated: I will know later that it's thanks to Shingo Araki the Great and for some others that was for Osamu Dezaki the Master.

Meanwhile, I watch a lot of movies on video ... Alien, Aliens, (+Blade Runner) are the ones I re-rent the most... The love to thrill and be amazed by beautiful dark pictures of amazing future worlds.

Teenage Influences (89-94)

My mother didn't let me go see Robocop in theater, so I had to wait for the VHS release. I think I watched it 3 times straight the first time I rented it... my eyes were popping out and my brain was melting: this movie was a Holy Revelation.
... During the following years I watched every movies Paul Verhoeven made. Flesh+Blood, Turkish Delight, Keetje Tippel, Soldier of Oranje are my favorites. Verhoeven is not a master for great pictures (unlike Ridley Scott for exemple), but his way of telling about human dirtyness and darkness with such humour and coarseness is a total win for me.

I am 15 when I have the luck to find imported books of AKIRA and APPLESEED in a comic-book store in Paris. These are the first comic books I really dig (and guess what: I still dig them: good shot for a first shot: I think these are the best authors at this time): at least I can see with my guts how much different these "Manga" are from European or american comics... THAT's what I want to do with my life !

After that, still growing up, my interests are only Manga and Anime: I discover tons of stuff ... Looking for comics about Bubblegum Crisis, I discovered the amazing Takezaki Tony: serious drawing (very Otomo-like) but absolutely silly stories in his masterpiece "Dr Kishiwada's Scientific Affection"... A MUST SEE !
At the same period, through all the anime I watch, one is a real mind-blower: UROTSUKIDOJI... The 5 first OAVs are for sure the best Hentai/Horror stuff I've ever seen. Some scenes are very powerfull and I still love the character design.

In '92, I order 2 mangas in Japan after seeing a flyer in a Hobby Japan issue (Yes I'm into toys and kits too, of course). It depicted a small pic of very nicely endowed ladies in Sci-Fi bikinis, around some glossy-looking mecha. The name was "Dark Whisper".
When the books arrived, that was so much more that what I expected: 400 pages of Yamashita Ikuto's awesome crazyness !!! My eyes went dry for a long time !
He instantly became my Mecha-Design Master. In 96, Watching the first Evangelion, I guess some mech stuff looks like his... Ha ha !

Last but not least, women anatomy is for sure a great centre of my interests. That's why it's so big compared to the rest of the map... It is still not big enough =3

In the end of 94, I signed my first pro contract... I love a lot of stuff that came after that (amazing Gainax series or Fight Club, for exemples) and a lot of artists, but I just wanted to map the first real influences, the ones that lead to my will of becoming another person who tells Sci-Fi stories.
Now, I'm pretty sure all these influences are clearly in my own work.
Hmmm... Nothing very arty in here, right ? u_u

INFLUENCE MAP by fox-orian : [link]


Ok, then... Here are the models names, from Left to Right:

Julie Marsland
Melis(s)a A. (Met-Art)
Luba Shumeyko (Met-Art/Hegre)
Unknown (unfortunately !)
Samantha "38 G" Anderson
Sharon Vanderhorst
Faye Valentine aka Faye Reagan
Gabrielle aka Ala Passtel aka Lucy C. aka Karin Spolnikova... (she's retired, now ! T__T )
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Julie Marsland
Melis(s)a A. (Met-Art)
Luba Shumeyko (Met-Art/Hegre)
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Ester - Mike Dowson
Samantha "38 G" Anderson
Mona @ Femjoy -
Sharon Vanderhorst
Faye Valentine aka Faye Reagan
Gabrielle aka Ala Passtel aka Lucy C. aka Karin Spolnikova... (she's retired, now ! T__T )
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